Creamy Broccoli & ‘Stilton’ Soup

Do you need another soup recipe in your life?

If you live through grey, damp UK winters then yes, you probably do. This creamy broccoli & stilton soup recipe is a real keeper. It’s dairy free, replacing the stilton with the salty umami flavours of miso.
The creaminess comes from cashews.

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Creamy Noodle Soup

Creamy noodle soup. This warming, silky smooth soup is so versatile. You can add pretty much any veg, nuts or seeds to the top. Or just go plain.
To make it a more substantial dish add in some tofu or your preferred protein.
Vegan recipe

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Houmous (or Hummus)

Houmous (or hummus) is such a versatile addition to any plant based diet. Here I share a basic recipe with a number of suggestions to add more flavour.

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Spicy Roasted Roots Soup

This quick soup came about because I had half a spaghetti squash (pre-roasted) in the fridge and some carrots that were slightly past their best. The harissa adds a gentle warmth rather than a lot of heat. Gluten and dairy free this is suitable for vegans. It’s also low FODMAP.

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Miso Soup

Miso Soup. This soup is tasty, warming, nourishing and is perfect for those days when your body is crying out for something healthy but you are just not quite sure what. This is a very versatile soup. You could literally just make up the miso and water. You could throw in the veggies but not bother with the noodles and protein to keep it really light or you could go all in as I have and throw everything at it.

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Mushroom & Broccoli Pasta

This pasta dish works beautifully with my tomato and walnut pesto. Omnivores add smoked mackerel but this tastes delicious as a vegan pasta without.

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