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Gut Instinct

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Do you ever find yourself ‘going with your gut?’

When you are stressed do you lose your appetite or could you eat for England?

The gut-brain connection is real. Stress affects your food choices and your digestion but what you eat, and your gut microbes, can affect how you think and feel. This session will explore all of these things in more detail and will offer up some really practical ways that you can make good food choices for your mental wellbeing.

Understand how stress affects your digestion

Know what to eat for a healthy gut

Learn about Mindful Eating

Take home some gut friendly recipes


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Exploring some of the myths out there (especially on social media) around sugar. This session explains what sugars are (a bit of basic chemistry), how our body metabolises glucose and fructose and why our bodies really don’t care whether sugar is refined or ‘natural’. We consider why sugar shouldn’t be demonised, how to avoid afternoon brain fog and look at some of the hidden sources of sugar (I’m looking at you, ready made pasta sauce).

Get tips on healthy snacking

Understand how sugar affects energy levels

Beat the afternoon slump

Get recipes for nutritious sweet treats


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Do you have problems getting to sleep? Maybe you dose off just fine but find yourself wide awake at 3am. This session delves into sleep science and looks at some of the practical changes we can make to diet and lifestyle to try and improve our sleep quality.

Find out why a good night's sleep starts in the morning

Learn which foods can support our sleep

Discover why we want carbs after a bad night's sleep

Get recipes with the right ingredients to support a good night's sleep

“I came to Kim's talk on gut health three months ago and it was the push I needed to sort my diet. Thank you, Kim, I can't believe how different I feel..”

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