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The Plant Plan

Do you want tasty, balanced meal ideas and sensible, no nonsense nutrition advice for less than the price of a cup of coffee? The Plant Plan is for you!


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If you are looking for support or inspiration to find a way of eating that is right for you then you are in the right place. From workshops and courses to meal plans and one to one guidance, I'm here to help.



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“I came to Kim's talk on gut health three months ago and it was the push I needed to sort my diet. Thank you, Kim, I can't believe how different I feel.”

– Kate, Healthy Minds –

“This course totally exceeded my expectations. Lots of information and practical advice and a great group of people.”

– Lara, Brain Health Programme –

“Everything in the course was easy to understand and relevant.”

– Parveen, Brain Health Programme –

“I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions - more please. Thank you Kim!”

– Ann, Food and Mood course –

“I love that these sessions were tailored to the main concerns of the group. Thank you Kim”

– Sue, Food and Mood course –

From the Blog

5 Complete Proteins You Need in a Plant Based Diet

Plant based diet. All animal based proteins are complete proteins. They contain all of these essential amino acids in the right amounts for our body to use. With plant proteins we need to combine a range of proteins to make sure we get the amino acids we need. Good news is that there are some complete plant proteins. Include these in your diet regularly whether you are vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous.

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Beat Vegan Bloating

If you eat a vegan or largely plant based diet and experience bloating, wind, IBS or other digestive discomfort then this post is for you. Whilst there are lots of health benefits to eating a plant rich diets there are a few drawbacks too.
Plant based diets are high in FODMAPs – and these sugars are difficult to digest.

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