Asparagus & Cannellini Bean Salad

A hearty salad with lots of different textures and flavours is tasty, doesn’t need to take long to throw together and can really increase the amount of vegetables in your diet.

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Effortless Baked Eggs

​I have a dog-eared, much loved copy of Nigella Lawson’s ‘How to Eat’. The spine is definitely broken in a few places, so that it falls on some of my favourite dishes. One of the most thumbed sections is the ‘fast food’ chapter. Here, Nigella describes a series of recipes for the cook in a hurry. It includes – under directions for a 10 minute, gooey chocolate pudding – the fabulous line ‘before you’ve even taken your coat off…’

Now, I’m not suggesting you stand in your winter parka whilst you throw this dish together. But, I love the idea of food that takes you two minutes to throw in a pan as you come in from work and will then simmer away whilst you get yourself settled for the evening ahead. This egg dish definitely ticks that box!

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Quick Greens

If you are looking for ways to include more greens in your diet then this quick and tasty recipe is worth having in your archives. Works well with egg/tofu scramble or as a quick side with any main meal. Add a splash of tamari at the end for an additional umami kick.

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Walnut & Butter Bean Hash

Whilst I was planning this series of easy but healthy comfort food recipes I was on holiday. It was a pretty cold half term week in Copenhagen and we were staying in an apartment with a tiny and very basic kitchen. This recipe made for a very satisfying evening meal accompanied by some gorgeous Danish dark rye bread. In my book anything that can be rustled up in a basic apartment using limited ingredients definitely counts as easy. I decided then and there that I absolutely wanted to share it with you all.

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Roasted Brassicas

I spent years hating Brussel sprouts until I discovered that roasting gave them a whole new flavour. Roasting cabbage removes some of the bitterness and the vegetable takes on a whole new favour. This works particularly well with brussels and kalettes as the outer leaves quickly crisp.
If like me you are not a fan then I would urge you to give this simple recipe a try.

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