5 Complete Proteins You Need in a Plant Based Diet

Plant based diet. All animal based proteins are complete proteins. They contain all of these essential amino acids in the right amounts for our body to use. With plant proteins we need to combine a range of proteins to make sure we get the amino acids we need. Good news is that there are some complete plant proteins. Include these in your diet regularly whether you are vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous.

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Beat Vegan Bloating

If you eat a vegan or largely plant based diet and experience bloating, wind, IBS or other digestive discomfort then this post is for you. Whilst there are lots of health benefits to eating a plant rich diets there are a few drawbacks too.
Plant based diets are high in FODMAPs – and these sugars are difficult to digest.

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Healthy Sweet Treats

Do healthy and sweet treats sound like a contradiction in terms? Most of us spend our time trying not to ‘give in to temptation’. At this time of the year that can feel hard. But is there a way that we can have our cake and eat it?

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Are you winter ready?

As the weather turns colder and we head indoors we see a rise in coughs and colds. With COVID still circulating we are all familiar with the practical advice around handwashing and ventilation to reduce the spread of winter illness. But how can nutrition help to support our immune health?

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Do you feel like you get enough leafy greens in your diet? If you look beyond spinach do you regularly eat a variety of greens? If you feel that this is an area of your diet that is sometimes lacking then you are not alone.

​Leafy greens – I’m talking chard, kale, beetroot leaves and cabbage – are packed full of nutrients, a great source of fibre and support healthy gut bacteria too. Ideally we should be including plenty of different leafy greens in our diet every day. The reality is we often struggle to include a single portion. If you are stuck for inspiration on how to up your quota then read on.

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