Month: December 2021

Spicy Roasted Roots Soup

This quick soup came about because I had half a spaghetti squash (pre-roasted) in the fridge and some carrots that were slightly past their best. The harissa adds a gentle warmth rather than a lot of heat. Gluten and dairy free this is suitable for vegans. It’s also low FODMAP.

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Healthy Sweet Treats

Do healthy and sweet treats sound like a contradiction in terms? Most of us spend our time trying not to ‘give in to temptation’. At this time of the year that can feel hard. But is there a way that we can have our cake and eat it?

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Cheesecake Jars

Pulling together a recipe index for the blog I realised it’s been a bit light on dessert recipes. So, in the interest of balance I thought I would share this fab little recipe for a quick pudding. These cheesecake jars take about 5 minutes to throw together. Once you’ve got the base you can vary your toppings and flavours to suit your mood. They taste fantastic and, as desserts go, are relatively low sugar. What more could you ask for?

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