Month: October 2021

Mushroom & Broccoli Pasta

This pasta dish works beautifully with my tomato and walnut pesto. Omnivores add smoked mackerel but this tastes delicious as a vegan pasta without.

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Do you feel like you get enough leafy greens in your diet? If you look beyond spinach do you regularly eat a variety of greens? If you feel that this is an area of your diet that is sometimes lacking then you are not alone.

​Leafy greens – I’m talking chard, kale, beetroot leaves and cabbage – are packed full of nutrients, a great source of fibre and support healthy gut bacteria too. Ideally we should be including plenty of different leafy greens in our diet every day. The reality is we often struggle to include a single portion. If you are stuck for inspiration on how to up your quota then read on.

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