Month: May 2019

Tuna Meatballs

16/5/20180 Comments

​This week I have made the discovery that The Boy will try most things if they come shaped like a meatball. So, it will come as no surprise to learn that this week most of our meals have been accompanied by meatball like creations. Unfortunately trying and liking are two very different beasts. Vietnamese prawn and rice balls got a definite thumbs-down and he wasn’t too bothered about the lentil and mushroom balls. Tuna meatballs, however, were a completely different story. So, this recipe is a winner in our house….
​These meatballs are gluten and dairy free, quick to put together and rely mainly on store-cupboard ingredients. The predominant taste is tuna. So if you have children that like tuna you are probably on safe ground. It’s a good way of getting children to eat walnuts. I’m a huge fan of this often overlooked nut. Walnuts are packed full of vitamins and minerals and a good source of omega 3. They have also been shown to help lower cholesterol.

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