Month: September 2021

Braised Aubergine and Tamari Greens

I’m a huge fan of aubergine – a quick skip through the blog archives will probably reveal a bias towards this versatile vegetable. Even so, braising aubergine was a new one to me. In this recipe you griddle the aubergine first which gives it heaps of flavour in it’s own right. Then you braise it in the sticky, tamari dressing which takes the flavours up a notch and also makes sure the aubergine is a beautifully soft, buttery texture. I ate a double portion of this as a light lunch but if you are after something more substantial you could serve up with brown rice and add in some tempeh (fermented soy) to up the protein whilst keeping it vegan friendly.

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Is Your Lunch giving you Brain Fog?

Do you suffer from brain fog? Is your memory not as sharp as it could be? Are you stressed?
What you eat, when you eat and how you eat can all impact on your mental health and wellbeing.

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