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Creamy Broccoli & ‘Stilton’ Soup

Do you need another soup recipe in your life?

If you live through grey, damp UK winters then yes, you probably do. This creamy broccoli & stilton soup recipe is a real keeper. It’s dairy free, replacing the stilton with the salty umami flavours of miso.
The creaminess comes from cashews.

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Creamy Noodle Soup

Creamy noodle soup. This warming, silky smooth soup is so versatile. You can add pretty much any veg, nuts or seeds to the top. Or just go plain.
To make it a more substantial dish add in some tofu or your preferred protein.
Vegan recipe

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5 Complete Proteins You Need in a Plant Based Diet

Plant based diet. All animal based proteins are complete proteins. They contain all of these essential amino acids in the right amounts for our body to use. With plant proteins we need to combine a range of proteins to make sure we get the amino acids we need. Good news is that there are some complete plant proteins. Include these in your diet regularly whether you are vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous.

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Houmous (or Hummus)

Houmous (or hummus) is such a versatile addition to any plant based diet. Here I share a basic recipe with a number of suggestions to add more flavour.

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Beat Vegan Bloating

If you eat a vegan or largely plant based diet and experience bloating, wind, IBS or other digestive discomfort then this post is for you. Whilst there are lots of health benefits to eating a plant rich diets there are a few drawbacks too.
Plant based diets are high in FODMAPs – and these sugars are difficult to digest.

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