Month: May 2020

Effortless Baked Eggs

​I have a dog-eared, much loved copy of Nigella Lawson’s ‘How to Eat’. The spine is definitely broken in a few places, so that it falls on some of my favourite dishes. One of the most thumbed sections is the ‘fast food’ chapter. Here, Nigella describes a series of recipes for the cook in a hurry. It includes – under directions for a 10 minute, gooey chocolate pudding – the fabulous line ‘before you’ve even taken your coat off…’

Now, I’m not suggesting you stand in your winter parka whilst you throw this dish together. But, I love the idea of food that takes you two minutes to throw in a pan as you come in from work and will then simmer away whilst you get yourself settled for the evening ahead. This egg dish definitely ticks that box!

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