Month: February 2020

Quick Peanut and Tempeh Curry

This quick and tasty curry came about because I was experimenting with quick midweek meals for my Food on the Brain group. I’d found a host of quick chicken curries listed on Olive Magazine’s website which included a delicious sounding West African inspired chicken and peanut curry. I wanted to create something similar that was quick to prepare and vegan and this is the result. It tastes so good. If you can get hold of tempeh then it works well here but if that’s not your thing or you can’t source it locally then mixed veg would work well too.

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Marmalade and other stories

Last week I had a hankering to make marmalade.  I’m not quite sure where this came from as I’m not really a fan of marmalade.    My ideas of toast toppings are almost exclusively savoury in nature – houmous and peppers, avocado and zaatar, mushroom and tarragon. Maybe it was the natural next step after experimenting with low sugar jams and chutneys, or simply that it is marmalade season.  (I suspect it was the shameless marketing of marmalade oranges on social media by local gem The Fruit Stall).  Whatever the reason, last Saturday I was the proud owner of a bag of marmalade oranges and took to google to find a recipe.

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