Month: December 2017

Why isn’t hot chocolate classed as a superfood? Part Two

t’s Monday morning, your radio alarm switches on, the news is playing and they’re reporting yet another study telling us that chocolate is good for us. What a great start to the week. Chocolate is right up there with coffee and red wine in grabbing the headlines for nutrition based research. No-one sets off to work with an extra spring in their step because another study has shown that broccoli is really quite good for us. But chocolate, now that’s a different matter…

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Why isn’t hot chocolate classed as a superfood?

I’m sat in front of my keyboard on a bright but cold, wintery, day. The weak winter sun isn’t quite reaching far enough to melt the last bits of icy snow from the pavement on my side of the street. Next to me is a mug of hot chocolate spiced up with chilli, cinnamon and ginger. So right now – ‘why isn’t hot chocolate a superfood?’- seems like a sensible question to ask.
​Today, I finally launch the SAVI Nutrition blog. I’ve been working on this for a little while but couldn’t decide on the best place to start. I want this to be a place where I share my passion for healthy food, where you can access some of my favourite recipes; but I also want it to be somewhere to share my views and my knowledge on healthy eating.

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