the plant plan.

“With The Plant Plan I want to bring the joy back into eating.”

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– Kim Adams, SAVI Nutrition –

Nutrition your way.

When I started SAVI Nutrition I wanted to reach as many people as possible. I’ve had great fun working with local companies, voluntary groups and running courses and workshops. So many people are interested in how they can use nutrition to support health and wellbeing but accessing professional advice can be SO expensive. That’s why I came up with The Plant Plan.

I wanted to create a space online that could recreate my face-to-face work. I wanted to make sure that it was affordable. I wanted to be able to share recipes and meal plans for those times when you just need some inspiration on how to eat healthily. I also wanted to give you access to a nutritionist to help you sort the truth from the fake news out there.

As a Plant Plan member you get a monthly meal plan packed with seasonal, healthy recipes. All recipes are written so that a vegan or vegetarian can follow the recipe without having to think about adaptations and adjustments. For omnivores many of the recipes come with suggestions for adding fish or meat so that you can choose when to have meat free days.

Each month you get a new webinar and ‘ask a nutritionist’ Q and A. As a member you always get early access to any of my online courses and seminars and at a discounted rate! Through our closed Facebook community you can help to shape webinar and meal plan content to make sure you get the most of your membership.

We’re launching The Plant Plan for £10 per month – that’s less than a weekly take-out coffee! Founding members benefit from this low rate for the lifetime of their membership.

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The Plant Plan includes:

Seasonal meal plans

Ingredient of the month

Vegan, vegetarian and omnivorous options

Nutritionally balanced recipes

Monthly webinar - watch live or catch the replay

Community Facebook Group

Ask a Nutritionist Q and A

Discounts on courses and workshops

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“I'm enjoying this group so much. It's really motivating me to try new things and Kim makes everything so easy.”

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– Tracey, Food on the Brain –

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